Skull & Shackles

Chee Firesinger's Journal - Session 11

Session 11 - January 18, 2015

The Black Star
Captain – Flint
Quartermaster – Chee
First Mate – Rive
Siege Master – Neldor
Boarding Master – Sabra
Carpenter – Soldat
Cook – Ambrose


Jones Sparrow (Rickety Squibs)
Jim Storm (Rickety Squibs)
Byrd (Rickety Squibs)
Kid O’Malley (Rickety Squibs)
Eddie Bay (Rickety Squibs)
Miss Patch (Sandblot)
Bailey O’Fish (Sandblot)
Ned the Head (Sandblot)

Ships Encountered
WyrmWood – Captain Barnabus
Strix – Captain Peg’s Worthy
Sanblot – Captain ?
The Death Knell – Captain Whalebone Pilk


Dragon’s Tooth

  • This entry is written in a strangle language. Upon further investigation, with proper knowledge, it can be determined that it is written in a combination of languages, including goblin, common, and dwarven.

Flint. The anger flows through that one.
Sneak up on the man at night.
If he can’t see me, he can’t fight.

Took a rowboat to the dragon’s tooth. Fought off wyverns til we escaped to the safety of the jungle floor. Carefully scaled a cliff. Followed a path to the tip of the dragon’s tooth.
Goblins sneak and goblins hide
Goblins climb up inside,
Must be quick with shiny knife,
Never wake-up farmer’s wife.
Attacked sleeping wyvern with Sabra. Sabra slayed it with ease once I flanked the beast.

Flint stole my idea and climbed over the tip. He discovered an entrance to a cave. What he didn’t notice were the gashes from wyvern claws at the top.
Eventually everybody got inside and we started carefully exploring.
Flint yelled spiders while we were separately crossing rickety bridges.
In the shadow
you have power.
I ran across the bridge to check on his well-being. Soon enough Neldore and Sabra follow. The bridge partially collapses. I climb to the other side safely, as does Flint. Flint furiously yells for everyone to stop moving. I ask him to help me lift the rope bridge so I can begin mending it and provide a more stable crossing for Neldore. He disagrees and climbs back across the bridge, after Riven yelled for nobody to move the rope. Flint grabs Neldore’s arm. Neldore slips and falls to his death. I come back across and tell Flint that he was wrong and my idea was good. He tells me to not say it again. After saying it again he draws his weapon and holds it at my throat. I repeat it. He then proceeds to attack me twice, hitting me only once. I kindly suggest he sit down, cool off, and talk about this. The weak-minded human does exactly as I ask.

We return to the ship. After breaking the news to the crew, Neldore rejoins us. I thoroughly inspect him and cannot find anything out of the ordinary, even though I truly believe the demon is still aboard the ship. Sabra throws holy water at him and his skin burns as if it were acid. We feast in his return.

I explain to the group that we should crack the rock and acquire the luck which we so desperately need. Nobody agrees so we return to the dragon’s tooth the next morning.

Dead of night
Is time to fight
Cut and crush,
And burn and bite!

Hunt the meat
That bleeds and cries
Hobble feet
And gouge the eyes!

Break their fingers!
Box their ears!
Stake them on
A bed of spears!

Fall upon them
In a gang
By their guts
We’ll make ’em hang!

With a wheezing
Gasp of breath,
They shall beg
Their gods for death!


Very good Summary. +1 AP


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