Skull & Shackles


After helping the people of Rickety Squibs with some wasps and a hungry naga the officers of the Man’s Promise are treated to a party which their crew also attends. The dock area of the small town is lit up by bonfires and the smell of fruit and roasted pig fill the air. The crew enjoy the festivities while Chee takes center stage to tell tells of their bravery and heroics.

That night Scourge succumbs to his drink and passes out. Sabra decides the man is no longer needed now that they are in port and can hire on replacements for their lacking crew. She drugs Fipps with Chee’s help then stabs Scourge in the chest and leaves the foul man to bleed out in the dirt. The next morning Scourge’s body is missing and no one speaks a word of it.

Captain Pegsworthy, christens the ship the Black Star and it slides down the rails into the bay. He gives each officer his blessing and the tip ‘Fair winds and good fortune await any who can crack the rock’. Flint recalls the history of the Rock and adds it to his growing list of priorities.

Their first day at sea finds them running into another three masted ship. They give chase and after a day they are able to catch the vessel. After a hard fought battle they claim their prize and move the plunder to the hold.

Neldor does not like allowing the surviving crew to live and will be answering to Chee about his plans soon. Flint spends his time after the battle in his cabin deliberating over his next move while the other officers deal with the cleanup.

Will they crack the Rock or move along the shipping lanes creating a name for themselves, only time will tell.



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